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The guaranteed chimney restoration solution is a revolutionary new chimney lining system specifically engineered to tackle a number of chimney related problems.

FuranFlex chimney lining is perfect for commercial or domestic condensing boiler flues, gas fires, oil heating flues and can even be used for solid fuel chimney lining.

Because not all chimneys are the same shape or design and sometimes traditional lining methods cannot achieve a suitable uniform integrity. FuranFlex has been developed to mould to the shape and run of the flue and can also be installed in any diameter and any length without joints in the lining making it completely gas tight.

This award winning FuranFlex technology is made from a glass fibre reinforced thermosetting resin composite. This means when installed FuranFlex liners are as strong as steel and also resists corrosion better than steel chimney liners.

Boiler & CHP Chimneys & Flues

FuranFlex Black flue lining can be used in either commercial or domestic applications for high efficiency condensing or atmospheric gas or oil boiler applications, CHP units or standard wall-hung boilers and positive or negative pressure applications.

FuranFlex Black can either be used in existing masonry brick chimneys, or can be used to re-sleeve existing twin wall or single wall flue systems with a single length flue liner with no joints, that can be made to retain the existing flue size, eliminating the need for old flue systems to be removed.

FuranFlex liners are usually installed in one day and the appliances can be used immediately after the lining is “cured”, limiting any downtime on a buildings heating or hot water system.

Completely gas and water tight, and guaranteed against corrosion for 25 years, it has a projected lifespan that is well in excess of 100 years.

FuranFlex Black carries an EU certification against EN:14471 of T250 P1 W3 R1 050 E.

S.E. & U-Duct Chimneys & Flues

Within the commercial sector, FuranFlex Black can be used to reline existing U-duct and SE-duct chimneys and flues within multi-occupancy flats and high rise buildings.

Conventional chimney lining techniques generally only allow a smaller cross-sectional flue area to be retained, which can result in smaller draught and less efficient heating.

FuranFlex Black has the ability to retain existing cross-sectional area within U-duct chimneys and flues to ensure operation of the U-duct is optimised.

FuranFlex can be installed in varying diameters to overcome variations in cross-sectional chimney area, ensuring the maximum available area is maintained throughout the flue or duct.

The FuranFlex liner is installed and branches fitted during installation to allow the boilers to be re-fitted in the same position. This provides a completely gastight duct for the boilers to operate safely without endangering other homeowners with the risk of fire or CO poisoning. The lining contains no joints other than those made between the boiler and the FuranFlex liner and can therefore be easily inspected during any servicing or maintenance work.

FuranFlex Black carries an EU certification against EN-14471 of T250 P1 W3 R1 050 E.

Ventilation/Extraction Ducts & Flues

The FuranFlex technology is widely used in applications to re-sleeve existing air conditioning or kitchen extract ducts, as it allows a single length sleeve to be installed into the duct or flue and ensures a completely gastight duct with a very smooth inner surface, to minimise turbulence and noise and facilitate easy cleaning and maintenance.

Ventilation and extract ducts with diameters up to 800mm and over 50 metres in length have been installed in commercial kitchens and offices as well as hotels, schools, colleges and hospitals.

To ensure disruption and downtime is minimised in these sometimes sensitive environments, FuranFlex is used as the completely non-intrusive solution to repair faulty or leaking ducts or ventilation extract risers.

There is no requirement to remove or replace ductwork, which often runs through areas of the building difficult to access. Access is only required at each end of the duct or riser being lined and most FuranFlex linings are fitted within one day, ensuring any disturbances to the building’s owners or occupants are limited.

FuranFlex Black Technical Specifications:

  • Gas & Oil applications
  • Operating temperature in flue gases >400 °C
  • Cold resistance -50 °C
  • Wall thickness 2-2.5 mm
  • Diameters between 50-1000 mm (optional within this range)
  • Lengths 3-100 m
  • Corrosion resistance Very good for acids pH 1-7, Good in respect of pH 7 - max. 12
  • Density 1.5 g/cm3
  • Tensile strength 100-150 N/mm2
  • Thermal conductivity 0,4 W/m K
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion 2,4 x 10-5 m/m K
  • Angle of distortion 30-45° max
  • Flame resistance at 1000 °C 10 minutes
  • EU classification (EN-14471) T250 P1 W3 R1 050 E

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