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Acid corrosion from combustion and weather erodes chimney stacks over time, eating away at the inner render and mortar joints, threatening the integrity of the chimney and leaving the stack in danger of collapse.

A side-effect of this weakening is leakage of gases into the building. This is a serious problem that can lead, in extreme cases, to carbon monoxide poisoning.

One of Chimney Care’s leading remedial solutions is the Thermocrete Chimney Lining System.

Thermocrete lining is a simple, quick and effective way to completely repair the chimney flue by filling all voids, cracks and damaged joints in one simple process, which can usually be completed in one day.

A cylindrical former is inserted into the chimney, inflated, sealed at the base and Thermocrete B2C is pumped into the gap between the former and the chimney wall to leave a perfectly smooth, efficient and safe flue, even stronger than when your chimney was first built!

Manufactured to B.S. 4207 and tested to E.N. 993/1902 and ISO 9001-2000, Thermocrete is impervious to acid attack and comes complete with a 25 year, no quibble guarantee. You can rest assured that your chimney is fully protected against the effects of deterioration and corrosion.

Key benefits:

  • Thermocrete B2C is guaranteed for 25 years
  • It is suitable for both class I and II appliances, gas and solid fuel
  • Thermocrete B2C allows your chimney to be lined from outside without disturbing the fabric of the building
  • It reinforces your chimney and prevents further deterioration

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