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With the most advanced and accurate camera systems to diagnose your chimney problems.

This can be done quickly and efficiently so we can resolve them with the best and most appropriate solution. In order to locate issues, colour CCTV chimney cameras are passed up and down the flue to give a highly accurate picture of the problems.

This enables us to:

  • Identify the flues dimensions and confirm the most appropriate lining method
  • Establish the cause of a major smoke leakage
  • View blocked flues or restricted flues caused by animal nests, fallen debris, restricted bends or other objects breaching the flue
  • Check for damage which may have occurred following chimney fires, subsidence, earthquakes, and hurricanes or wear and tear over time

There are numerous reasons why you would need CCTV chimney camera assistance to refer to, to-date our services have been used for:

  • Vital checks before bringing an old flue back into use
  • Annual service checks on the flues condition and function
  • Landlords before renting out properties
  • Builders and loft conversion companies before carrying out works on the property and of neighbouring properties
  • Party Wall surveyors
  • Buyers and Sellers of property (detailed Home Inspection Packs)
  • Checking poorly-functioning chimneys following major renovation by the property owner or neighbour
  • Our highly advanced CCTV equipment diagnoses the problem quickly and effectively without any disruption to you or your building.

To give you complete understanding and appreciation of the problem, for estimations of remedial works, or for use in insurance claims, a full-colour copy of the camera survey is also provided on DVD along with a written report as part of our comprehensive service.

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