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Following the introduction of Building Regulations' Approved Document J (Combustion appliances and fuel storage systems), there is now a requirement for a flue integrity test to be completed and certificated.

This applies to when an old fireplace and chimney is being re-opened, brought back into use or when a new appliance is to be installed.

The integrity test follows the sweeping of the flue and locates where cracks or faults in the chimney flue may be present, ensuring that dangerous gasses and smoke are not able to escape.

Anyone working on your chimney must be in receipt of the integrity test certificate including fireplace suppliers and/or installers.


Chimney sweeping is an essential part of the maintenance of your home. It ensures that your flue is safe and un-clogged by bird nests, soot build-ups and any other debris or foreign objects that may have dropped into your chimney.

To ensure a clear flue and to avoid dangerous blockages, your chimney should be swept at least once a year, and all appliances connected to it serviced to maintain safe and correct functioning.

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