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With Chimney Care's chimney lining installation and repair services, you could be enjoying the comfort and warmth of a roaring real fire in your home.

If gases and fumes are not removed from your home efficiently, your family, friends and neighbouring properties could be exposed to the dangers of poisonous gases, including Carbon Monoxide a tasteless, odourless and invisible killer, toxic fumes and even collapsing chimneys.

Don't leave it to chance, Chimney Care will:

  • Repair and ensure that your chimney and its lining is operating correctly to guarantee the safety and health of your home and family
  • Locate and remedy dangerous unseen blockages, leaks and build-ups that you may not yet be aware of - Carbon Monoxide is a gas which is undetectable by sight or smell
  • Test and certify flues
  • Recommend the most suitable lining method for installation or to repair your chimney from a list of solutions
  • Provide expert service and care, with the minimal disruption

To enjoy the luxury of a beautiful completely safe fireplace from poisonous fumes, talk to us today.

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