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Leaking chimneys are, unfortunately, commonplace. Over time weather, frost damage, condensation and chimney fires can all contribute to a leaking flue.

Leaking flues could cause you to suffer from the smell of smoke indoors, poor up draught, fires and in the worst cases carbon monoxide poisoning.

Chimney Care offers the Eldfast Solution in its portfolio of services. This modern, ceramic lining and repair agent is suitable for use on concrete block, brick and clay flues and its nominal coating thickness ensures that vital minimum flue measurements are retained.

The Process

  • Chimney Care will firstly complete a thorough clean of the flue to remove soot, tar and any loose particles
  • A ’plug’ on the end of a winch is positioned at the base of the flue opening and winched up to the top of the chimney, coating the inner wall, under pressure, with the lining which is continually poured from the top opening of the flue.
  • The coating is applied either from the top of the gather (on open fires) or where connecting pipes enter the chimney.
  • Depending on the temperature and draught available the coating will cure and the chimney will be ready for normal use anywhere from 1 hour to 2 days.

Modern concrete block installation, before and after Eldfast treatment

Pre-1930’s brick built flue, before and after Eldfast treatment

Modern clay liner, before and after Eldfast treatment

Key benefits

  • BSRIA approved
  • Suitable for stoves and open fires
  • Resistant to thermal shock
  • Resistant to soot fire
  • Resistant to attack by acid condensation
  • Eldfast, a ceramic material, does not contain any lime or concrete and can therefore withstand continuous exposure to extreme temperatures

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