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What do you do if you want the benefits of a fire at home, or need to complete a commercial installation, but you don’t have a flue?

Chimney Care and Techreline Ltd has the answer – the Twinwall Flue System

The Twinwall Flue System is a flue that can be installed to allow the installation of a fire, for heating or cooking purposes, if there is no flue or the existing flue isn’t in the right place for your needs, as illustrated on the image, left.

The Twin Wall Flue System can be installed through an external wall with a Chimney Fan extractor fan, to allow you to have the benefit of a fully functioning fire, even when you don’t have an existing chimney, illustrated below.

Twin Wall excels in terms of its convenience, adaptability and safety. Its double-skinned insulation means that the outer skin will remain at a reasonable temperature and the exit can be horizontally routed creating an efficient installation option.

If the installation includes a horizontal termination, for example under a roof line or out of a side wall, a mechanical draw may be required. Techreline uses specialist Exhausto electric chimney fans and trained installers to:

  • Automatically control the drawing of smoke/fumes
  • Guarantee optimum chimney draw
  • Efficiently draw smoke/fumes irrespective of chimney placing, dimensions or height
  • Assist extraction of smoke and fumes where ventilation may be poor, such as well-insulated houses or if the building is located in a valley – a specialist cowl may be required for this purpose
  • Ensure that all fittings are completed to Building Standards, Corgi standards, Hetas or OFTEC
  • Permit easy sweeping with its specialist design
  • For your peace of mind we provide a manufacturers guarantee